Webinar: Sales Process or Die

with CSO Insight's Co-Founder & Researcher, Barry Trailer
Thursday, August 24th
10:30 PST / 12:30 CST / 1:30 EST

IBM for decades was famous for its short and pithy mantra: THINK.  Apple made hay with its partially cheeky, partially pithy slogan: THINK DIFFERENT.  When it comes to sales process, what impact it has on overall performance, predictability, and personnel, here’s an updated bit of advice: THINK AGAIN.

CSO Insights’ research data has been completely consistent for more than a decade now, that higher levels of process implementation result in higher levels of sales performance.  Think you’ve got your sales process dialed?  Think Again.  Think product dominance and juiced incentives will get you to the top?  Think Again.  Think you don’t have time for and already know what’s going to be covered in this webinar?  Well, you know…

  • The lowest performance level CSO Insights defines, shrunk by 2 percentage points from last year (good news!); the highest performance level also shrunk by that amount (bad news!).
  • More consistent implementation of sales process is entirely within your own team’s ability to do; make it happen.
  • Thinking you can outrun or ignore sales process is like thinking you can outrun or ignore gravity. 

Think Again!

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