Predictive Sales Series:

How To Hit Your Number Every Quarter (No, Really)

 On-Demand Recording 


Need a little advice on hitting your number from two sales veterans

Jim Eberlin, CEO of TopOPPS and Bob Marsh, CEO of LevelEleven talk about the metrics that are most important to make sure you hit your number. Activity Based Selling methodology is a highly successful approach for modern sales leaders to get their teams focused on the activities that drive revenue. Metrics have to tell the whole story.  When you’re hitting your number, you need to understand what you’re doing right and when you have a miss - you need to understand what happened to take corrective action with confidence.  If you want to get better results from your sales team (of course!), listen to Jim and Bob tell stories from their past and present on how to measure performance as it relates to the effects of your sales plan and improving your sales process.  

In this hangout for sales leaders, you will learn:

  • Tips to execute your sales plan
  • If your sales plan is working
  • Confidence builders for your CEO and board